From the peak of Aoraki – Mount Cook to the depths of Waitomo Caves – from the southernmost Chatham Islands to the northern tip of Cape Reianga, New Zealand is a fascinating place full of amazing people and countless stories. New Zealand Videos aims to bring these stories to a world far less rich and green.

Located in the Southern Hemisphere, southeast of Australia, this small country of 4 million people has definitely made it’s mark on the world. Through it’s many achievements on the world stage and it’s inherent natural beauty,  New Zealand has become a major tourist destination and now this site brings you a wealth of videos and information so you can find out more about our beautiful country.

If you’re considering visiting New Zealand or would simply like to know more about this unique country, New Zealand Videos brings you so much more than a travel brochure or tourism advertising in general. Learn about the real people of New Zealand, where they live, how they live and what makes this country such a great place.

You’ll find videos about hunting, fishing, travel, Maori Culture, adventure, arts, food, wildlife, sport and much  more. You’ll even find videos and information about moving to New Zealand and even political and historical information.

Take the time to take a “virtual” tour of New Zealand using our website, you may even get on a plane and come to see for yourself after watching the many brilliant videos we have.

New Zealand and New Zealand Videos, waiting right here for you!