Beached Whale – NZ

Oh no! Oh no! I’m beached bro. I’m beached as.
Hey bro
Oh hey bro
What are you doing bro?
Dude I’m beached as
Oh shit you’re beached as!
Tell me something I don’t know
Bro your hips heaps beached eh!
So beached. Beached as!
Want a chip bro?
As in a chup?
Yeah a chip.
A potato chup?
This one a chip. A chup.
I would though bro but I don’t eat chups.

Beached Whale

Well that’s shit.
I only eat plankton
Can’t chew bro
Try a chip bro
Ah well I can’t chew.
Just try a chip bro.
You don’t understand, I might look big, but I can’t chew. I only have plankton.
That’s pretty deceptive.
I know it’s very misleading. Do you have any plankton?
I’ll go and check over here.

Do you happen to have a bucket or a hose bro? I need to get wet ASAP.
Are you pretty parched?
I’m parched as and I’m beached bro.
You’re beached as!
I know.
I’ll see if I can find some plankton.
Please have a look around for some plankton.
I am beached.
So beached.