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Larry the Travel Guy | Auckland, New Zealand


1.4 million people – Auckland, Its New Zealand’s largest city.

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and the international gateway for all North American flights. Located near the top of North Island, it is sandwiched between two spectacular harbors. It’s a city with a mild climate and a wealth of things to do. It’s crammed with cafés, restaurants, cultural activities and has a vibrant music scene as well. In the heart of downtown Auckland is Queen Street. This street runs south from the harbor and is only a few blocks from the Sky tower. Shoppers can find everything from handcrafted jade to the genuine New Zealand rugby jerseys. However, for me, there is another reason to come to Queen Street.
So, ok I know we are in Auckland but Auckland has a best-kept secret – an Asian food restaurant. And I love Asian food. So you, you walk down Queen Street, and you come to this alley. It’s a remote alley. And it opens up to a huge food court. It’s awesome.
This is a crazy mix of food choices from all parts of Asia and is definitely symbolic of the diverse mix of people on this city. There is Thai, Japanese, Korean, Indian Cantonese and Schezuan. All authentically cooked and packed into an area not much larger than a basketball court. This place has a lot of atmosphere partly due to its off the street location. During a typical lunchtime, you will see business-suited men and women slurping on 3-dollar Udon noodles and a messy plate of Pad Thai. I just love this place.

“Thank you very much.”

Look at this! You know the thing I like about this place is that there is to so much to choose from to eat. What you do is, you go up to one of these places, basic point to a picture, pay for it, and they bring it out to you. This is my favorite hot and spicy beef.

So there is something about New Zealander’s and jumping off stuff. So I decided do the highest in New Zealand. 635 ft in the air – it’s the Sky Tower.

Preparation for the jump includes being weighed, getting into a full harness and putting on what looks like an outfit looks from the original Star Trek series. Now this could really appeal to some people. What you don’t see in this video is the lady before me, who jumped – a lovely lady from England called Emily and yup she was 77 years old and there’s no backing out now.

Good to go.

Its windy up here and at this point my heart is in my mouth. You really feel exposed up here. There is an observation deck below. So, your every move is being watched. Cant back out now. Darn it! Emily!

630 ft! This is the highest jump in New Zealand!
Welcome to Auckland!

Auckland has the largest population of Polynesian people in the world. And their cultures are really evident at the amazing Otara market. It is held every Saturday just south of Auckland. You can buy everything here including bone and jade necklaces, woven basket and fresh fruit. This place has bargains galore. Don’t eat breakfast before you come. I highly recommend Steamed Pork Buns.

So another cool activity that Auckland provides is you are able to take a tour up to the top the Auckland Bridge, which is an amazing view when you get up there. And if you want to be very daring, you could jump off of it with the bungee.

Ok, what’s the deal with all the different suits you have to wear?
This is the Harbor Bridge experience. A one and a half hour tour that involves climbing to the top of Auckland’s Bridge. Along the way you can see crazy people doing the 130ft Bungee Jump under the bridge. You wear a harness and a static line for safety and climb up from underneath the bridge up through traffic to the top of the arc. The 360 view from the top is worth all the effort.

So, the America’s Cup Regatta is the most prestigious regatta in the whole entire world. And here in Auckland you have a chance to get on a boat, to get on a America’s Cup boat and take control of that boat.

These boats are the real thing used by the New Zealand’s America’s Cup in 1995.
Sail NZ will take you out on a two hour tour. You can either work as part of the crew or just relax at the back of the boat.

As you can see from the grave look of concern on the faces behind me, they let me steer the boat. And it’s an incredible experience. This grand prix boat reacts to the slightest of input.

So I am told if you are in Auckland and want a hamburger, you got to go to the White Lady, which is a place that’s has been around since 1950s and they provide ham burgers all the way up until 3am in the morning. So a lot of clubbers, a lot of people who go out to bars, after they are done with that they will come here to White Lady for a burger.

Ok, this is not exactly what you would call health food. Kiwis tell me you have to have a couple of things on this hamburger. You have to have a pineapple, you have to have egg, and you have to have beef to make it a real New Zealand. This burger has all of them. Before the emails come flooding in, I would just like to say that I am not sure how many animals were hurt during the filming of this segment.

Ok, so lets see what a White Lady Burger looks like. It is supposed to have a ton of stuff on it. It is supposed to be pretty big. Lets see. Holy Cow! Now this is a big burger. Look at that! So, anything that you can possibly imagine is basically on this burger. Its got egg, its got ham, couple of patties, its like some beef. Lets see how it tastes.