Northland Region, New Zealand – Larry The Travel Guy

Northland Region, New Zealand

Hi! Welcome to another episode of Larry – The Travel Guy. This episode is going to be a kind of unique, we are going to take a road trip to a region of New Zealand called Northland and what we are going to do head up the east cost of North Island, then go all the way up to the very tip of Cape Reinga, head down to the west coast and end up back in Auckland. I’ll show you on a map. First I drive up to Paihia, to experience the dolphins then up to Cape Reinga for the spectacular view and then for my most cultural experience in Waipua forest, then back to Auckland.

So today we are going to see if we can swim with some dolphins. These dolphin tours have been all-year round so it is not very seasonal so you are almost always promised to see the dolphins so it should be pretty fun. The bay of islands is one of the few areas in the world where dolphins are present all year around. I wanted to swim with dolphins on this trip but when there is juvenile in the pods they don’t allow you so I set out to watch the dolphins above the waters which is still great, still incredible. Amazing they know where the boat is all the time.

Now being colonized by the British, New Zealanders picked up some of their mother country’s cuisine. There are fish ‘n’ chips shops all over this country but supposedly the best here is in Maunganui so let’s go check it out. This is a good great example of British immigrants that resonates throughout New Zealand. Fish ‘n’ chips wrapped in paper so it is kind of got in the New Zealand’s twist and the fish is incredibly fresh. We got a foul day today, thanks to the dune riser so the first thing that we are going to do is take a four wheel drive all the way up on the 90 miles beach. Actually it is not 90 it is 64 but it will be fun. This magnificent beach is an unbroken stretch of white sand for about 88 kilometres and travelling the sand highway can only be achieved after a careful study of the tide reports. It is smoother than some roads at home. Surf’s up! In New Zealand old boogie boards become toboggan and rip down the sand dunes like nothing is quite an experience. So I am heading north up to Cape Reinga, the northern tip of New Zealand. IT’s a magical place where the mystical and the real world meet just as powerful as the Pacific and Tasman oceans. So we drove until we couldn’t drive anymore and made it to the Cape Reinga which is a brilliant site and not only is an incredible site but is very very spiritual because the Maori people believe that all the dead spirits in New Zealand travel all the way up to the northern tip of the New Zealand and then they are released into the heavens. The Maori believed that Cape Reinga is the place of the leaping. The spirits of the departed all throughout New Zealand leave from an 800 years old Pohutukawa tree on the cape to begin the voyage back to their final resting place. Next I journey south, take the Hokianga ferry over to a cafe, have her put some coffee, a biscuit and the jams here are amazing. I make my way to the Waipua forest with over 2000 years old Kauri trees. So we are on our way to meet Bill and Tawhiri from footprints of Waipua and they are going to give me a tour through this incredible forest. It should be great. The Waipua forest preserves some of the best examples of the Kauri forests remaining in New Zealand. It is notable for having two of the Largest living Kauri trees. These Kauri trees are estimated to be over 4000 years old. This incredible cultural experience is rated by lonely planet in its experiences of a life time list. So I had to take this opportunity to surf New Zealand, the waves weren’t very good, very rough but hey I could say I surfed New Zealand. So that’s Northland region – New Zealand; spectacular place, so up to do here if there I barely a touched to surface. Guess I will have to come back.