Fiordland: Doubtful Sound Overnight

Hi everyone I am Chris from Deep Cove Charters and welcome aboard the fire. Lets go do it.

If you would like to discover New Zealand’s Fiordland in a relaxing and personal way, join us on one of the overnight cruises.

Breakfast on the way back down on the way when I stop, we have gotta be back down here ­­­­dec cove by 9O’clock so we will work our way back down here.


Experience a unique overnight cruise on beautiful Doubtful sound in Fiordland National Park.

Deep Cove Charters accommodate 6 passengers only at one time but they do offer group charters for longer durations.

We do look forward to you joining us as we wind our way through Doubtful Sound.
The skipper at the helm is Chris Lemin. Chris has been traveling, diving and fishing in the Fiords mainly in the Doubtful Sound area for the past 28 years. Chris has a lot of experience and his knowledge of the area is ­­­____.

The MV flyer was built in 1993. It is a game launch and the design is a Dorado 42. It is 12.8 m in length and can sleep up to 6 kids in the communal room. Othe features include a shared toilet, diesel stove, fridge freezer, hot and cold water, and a washbasin and a unit reel.

You will be in the most capable and safest of hands. Chris enjoys each and every one of his passengers and make sure all have a trip to remember.

Up here, we have a there is a cave here believed to be the early Moriori’s, so we don’t go in there just in case something happens. I think they have got a tapu on it. So we just stay well away and get going.

Deep cove charters are dedicated to making sure that your trip is one of a lifetime. As many have already experienced, your trip is our main priority and we will do all to make sure it is one of your lifetime memories.

This is where I put everyone swimming down on this rock on the water here. They jump and do a little bit of fish, snorkeling and just play around here. It’s quite good.

Deep Cove Charters also offer two to five day charters for 2 to 6 passengers only in the winter months. From the 1st of April to the 31st of October.

We can guide through any of Fiordlands spectacular sounds excluding Milford and are happy to advise you on your choice of destination, go hunting, fishing or just relax on your cruise around.