A Guide to New Zealand

Francis Walker,
New Zealand’s Newest Import

7 weeks ago I was cycling in the pouring rain, with snow in my face in the middle of London and now I am here.
This is my extended family.
Its pie judgment day.
Today is home brew day.
We are gonna go surfing.

It’s one thing to come here as a tourist, I found out, and a completely different thing to come and live here. Why not put together a guide of all the major things that you need to know about coming to this beautiful place.

Frankie’s Guide to New Zealand EP1

Let me show you my shed – come on in. I like to consider that it is like a kind of executive shed. I have my computer, and my bed and my music, my fishing gear. Everything you need in fact.

Hello…and this is my extended family. Who look like they have just lined up. Have you guys got to go?

Yeah we’re off to Wellington. The most important thing Francis – beer- the beer is brewing. Good luck camp brother.

Over coming weeks I am going to be investigating and finding out about some of the most significant, and important and interesting about being in NZ. Topics like language, how to say the words properly so you don’t look like an ass. We are going to be doing a guide to surfing, so I am going to be learning how to surf on your behalf. Did you know they are obsessed with coffee, like deranged. We are going to be going in search of the ‘Piano’, because the incredible film of 1993 was filmed on the beach just down the road. A lot of people said to me before I came out here (in the UK), that this was a lot like Cornwall. Well show me the place in Cornwall that looks like this.