New Zealand Pies

New Zealand and our Pie’s

Seven weeks ago I was cycling in the pouring rain with snow in my face in the middle of London and now I am here. This is my extended family. It’s pie judgment day. Today is home brew day. Are we gonna go surfing?

Kiwis are eating 43 million pies every twelve months. That’s a 117,000 every day.

“We’re probably close to one pie a day.”

“I had about (interrupts, “three”) ten in one day.”

“Mrs Mac’s done right”

“She eats a cheese pie every day.”

“I love them.”

Frankie’s Guide to New Zealand EP7


“The reality is, finding a good pie, it’s not like you jump out of the car and go to the nearest dairy.”

“Best pie in New Zealand – hands down, Roxburgh, Jimmy’s pies mince with cheese”

Since dawn this morning, bakers and pie-makers from all over New Zealand have flown and driven pies on laps to here – the bakers’ pastry headquarters in South Auckland. They are here to compete for one prize – five and a half thousand pies, eleven categories, one golden challis.

Duncan Loney [Chairman of Bakels], “There’s a history of pies from New Zealand for starters, secondly you have to make it, the entire pie, on your own premises.”

“First thing that we will do is double check the weight even though it’s done already. Then we go through the appearance – the top pastry, the glaze on the top of the pastry, the amount of lift, even lift on the pastry, then pie bottoms and then a cross hair appearance of the filling. When all that is done, collated and then a top group of pies is then taken through to taste.”

Peter Grunt [Chief Judge], “These are the (interrupts – “your finalists”) top ones that we wanted. We’ve had them heated in the oven; we smell them to get the aroma; we will cut them into safe chunks and then we will taste the bacon, the egg, the vegetable, the top pastry, the bottom pastry and we will award points out of 16.”


“eel – sea weed”

“Actually not nice, kind of doesn’t …”

Tim Aspinall [Pie Kudge & World’s No.1 margarine sculptor], “Actually you gotta have a taste for it, if you are not gonna like congenial eel then you are also not going to like sea weed.”

The eleven gold medal winning pies have been chosen. The judges in that room know who has won the Supreme pie award but no one else will, until the award’s dinner next Tuesday and guess what – Frankie has got two tickets. See you there!

The Supreme Pie Award’s dinner! Anyone who knows anyone from the world of the pies, pastries and fillings are behind me right now.

[Presentation on projector], “No one knows who ate the first slice but the pie has been around for over 4000 years.”


“You’ve won – “

“Four, two gold, one bronze and one silver. Taste very expected for a long, long time”

“___ the recipe so I try really hard.”

Cath Saunders [Pie Awards PR Princess], “I started eleven years ago with 74 bakeries, and now we have about 225, we have over 3000 pies.”

“But no pies are served at tonight’s dinner”

“Oh! That’s just got to do with fact that the people are so flash now. If you want a pie, I can get you one, I’ve got them under the table.”

“I am full but I can always take away a pie.”

“I’ll get you one.”

“Oh, you’ll… “

“I’ll get you several pies.”

“How many would you like?”

“the 2007 New Zealand’s Supreme Pie award goes to _________”

It’s the end of the night, the awards are over, the winners have won, the losers have lost. I tell you what though, full of pies, sick of pies – pie facts, stats, knowledge, bakers, makers, candlestick makers, pie judges. I just long for a great food. Can we go?

It’s the beach where ‘Piano’ was filmed. I will be coming down there to local the impact the film had on the local community and on New Zealand as a whole.