Iceberg Floats Past NZ

Hello Good evening, two icebergs, each the size of waterfront stadium are drifting northwards at the South Island coast. They’re staggeringly impressive size and even though they are not quite visible from land, icebergs are only half a day sail away or even a shorter flight.

3 News’ found men 45 nautical miles off to Dunedin, Mark Price landed for a look. No room for that iceberg at the.. of the Otago coast drifting slowly northwards, driven by the currents away from the Antarctic.


From the air, they are an impressive size. The biggest one that we saw from Dunedin’s foundation line rescue helicopter this morning – about a 100 metres long, perhaps 300 metres long. Their size precipitates as they melt slowly in the sun and warmer waters. Take down the flotation equipment just in case of mishap, but also on the off chance that we could get on to board the iceberg. We did get our chance, the helicopter’s pilot touching but not stopping on a small flat ledge where we were able to scramble to our reasonably secure place.

I gotta say, we were pretty dubious about getting on to this lump of ice but it is very stable, the ice is very hard and it’s quite secure out here, as far as I can tell. Although behind me we have seen one piece of ice slip off as it does obviously. Probably not the best thing to see being here but it is one hell of a place to be. Surrounded by chunks of loose blue ice that might be thousands of years old was a novel experience.

Oh, this is just awesome, fantastic. All my life I have wanted to go to Antarctic and now Antarctic has come to me.

The icebergs probably have some of the groove of about a hundred spotted by an air force arrived south of the country a few weeks ago. They have drifted 13000 kilometres in the last seven years – the first to be seen off the Otago coast since 1931. One Otago marine radio operator can’t believe that these have got so close to the coasts without having been seen earlier.

I do believe that they had sort of lost contact with her because of the thick weather which was around but surely, surely I would have got a grip on where these icebergs were. How many there is, we don’t even know yet.

Each iceberg is leaving a trail of cast ice, chunks of ice stretching for kilometres, maritime New Zealand issued warnings after this fishing shore had sighted the bergs last night.

It’s in area where there’s very few vessels normally, the occasionally fishing vessel, may be the old yacht goes down to that area. It’s not mined.. vessels so very occasional reporting really.

Already the word is out and sight seeing ships have been talked off, however with shards of ice really do fall, they present a danger as they melt.

I feel very uncomfortable right here that cracking and growing in the background on its way waiting for the whole thing to disappear into the sea, just break over.

As well the weather forecast for tomorrow is bad, the icebergs are drifting northwards about on kilometre per hour but are unlikely to come close enough to be visible from the land. Mark Price – 3News.