International New Zealand

The Clean, Green, American Dream – Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand has one of the highest populations of foreign born citizens in the world. Almost a quarter are born overseas, so arriving there and trying to fit in to everyday life is a bit challenging for many, but Gina Shakespeare find a way to make the transition to Kiwi culture a little bit easier.

It is not so hard to see why so many people from around the world have chosen to make New Zealand their home. It’s a clean land, a green land and there is plenty of room for everyone to have a rich and a fulfilling life.

Support for newcomers to this country takes different shapes and forms, one of the ways in this, particularly to get toward this is the migrant expo which has just poured 1000 plus visitors.


Tina Raines: That was all good because we are migrants and when we here some 20 years ago there wasn’t anything and we looked around. Many migrants were just looking here and there and didn’t know what to do, so that’s how the show came about to have everything under one roof.

And one roof it was, visitors through the expo could tickle their taste buds with an array of tantalizing flavours or cuisine at its very best.

Izmi & Shehama Cader: Well, heard a lot about the country so thought nothing best to come and see, that’s the best thing to do, so we just came and we loved it and then came the day I came first, then got my wife and kids. We all settled down happily.

Jobs, education, language and home loans were amongst the more popular exhibits. They are based around helping on new migrants better quality of life by taking care of the necessities.

The majority of citizens in this country come from the UK, China, India, the Philippines and Fiji. This is Gina Shakespeare in TT, New Zealand.