Intrepid New Zealand

Travel New Zealand

My mamma went to New Zealand or Aotearoa as the Maori people call it. That means Land of the Long White Cloud. From all accounts I am heading to somewhere really special.

Welcome to New Zealand!

Hi I am Susan from Kansas in the United States and today is my first today on an intrepid journey to New Zealand.

I guess I am at this stage of my life where I have got some freedom and opportunity to do some new things and find out some new things about myself. I wanted to get out to the fresh air and do some traveling. New Zealand’s the perfect place to do that. A mix of new people, experience new culture and have some fun along the way.

Intrepid New Zealand

Let’s go!

Tonight, I am at the Alpine Lodge and in the morning I could walk out and watch Mount Cook come to life. So really, I don’t care where I sleep. Its just beautiful.
Welcome to Aoraki Mount Cook. Aoraki is the Maori name for a Cloud Piercer. Wow its beautiful too. Its gorgeous.

That’s where we’re heading.

New Zealand! You gotta love it!

Yesterday I had a full on day. Went for a walk along the lake’s edge. And then I went and jumped off a 119m platform. Then I climbed to the top of Queenstown Hill – three hours round trip, pretty vigorous. The good thing about this kind of travel is it allows you the time to absorb the spirit of the place. And to do much or little as you’d like to do. Today we are heading out for a day of sea kayaking in Milford Sounds. Lets Go!

Well I am wet and tired but I haven’t had such a great day for a long time. What a day!

I am standing near the top of Franz Josef glacier. This is got to be one of the wildest things I have ever done.

Maybe I am intrepid after all!

I am in a small New Zealand pub, where last night we had a meal with the local family that owns it.


Then we came into the bar afterwards and got the jukebox going and few of us are a bit worse for wear today but was a great inside/insight into New Zealand family and their culture and the pub culture. It was… got a little wild. It was great!

___ train scenic ___

All aboard! All aboard!

We are at one of the many geothermal reserves around Rotorua, which is some kind of volcanic activity. Its bubbling hot mud. I can feel the warmth coming off it. Its just another example of dispersive landscapes you can find in New Zealand. Just continues to amaze me.

I wasn’t sure when I started if I was intrepid exactly. But I can see out on the road, it takes on a different meaning. You know you don’t have to be climbing mountains or bungy jumping to be intrepid in New Zealand. Its about being intrepid in spirit. And for me that means making the most of every opportunity connecting with other people and just making the most of every moment. And on this trip I was able to focus on that side of things and the details just looked after themselves. So am I intrepid? Yeah I think I am. And its been great to find that out about myself. Kiaora