New Zealand – Hunting

Hi, I am Jim Shockey and welcome to the show. When someone mentions mountain goat hunting most of us automatically think of the big white shaggy Billy goats of the North American rockies. The fact is there is more than 30 different species of mountain goats around the world and one of the very best places to hunt a mountain goat is on an island in the middle of the south Pacific.


The island I am talking about is actually the island country of New Zealand more specifically the south island of New Zealand. But many hunters don’t realize even though there are no big game animals originally in New Zealand ever since European contact a lot of different animals have been introduced, it’s become a world class hunting destination and home to the two animals we are going after today – the shamwa and the tahr.

I went like South Africa safari shape i am not in mountain goat shape… Well, we drive to the top. Yeah we hunt down, I’ve heard that before! Taliba, in the high mountains very highest peaks okay, we consider him like the king of the mountains and really that’s what they are. Very physically demanding hunt, shots can be long. At a twist Jim hunting with his muzzle over, little bit restricted on the range and that’s always a problem when you are hunting mountain animals. Looking at Jim when I picked him up, outsides he’ll be eating a lot of Candy and chips and things, so I would be a lot happier if we can get to the top in the car. The oldest hunter ahead was about 83 years old and he did this to a tahr on his own foot. If he did it, sure that Jim’s got a good chance as well. If it happens to have beasts properly, it is New Zealand. Jim’s got to see a lot of Tahr this week. It is a world class hunt and I think it’s greatly underestimated what sort of a hunt this is.

” Is there tire all through these miles?”

“Yes, through all of this bluffy stuff”

“Nothing down too low.”

“Pull yourself high”


We’ve got the tahr. There’s a really, really big one, we’ve spotted it a mile back. It should be this side.

“Stay low!”

“Do you see him?”


“How far is he?”

“One eighty eight”

“How about the ones on the ridge?”

“They are still listening.”

“Don’t move”

“I’ve gota good shot here just sitting.”

“Is that him on the left?”

“That’s him all right”

“It’s eighty”

“He’s going to dissappear to the other side in a minute then he’ll come back up!”

” You want to get a good broadside for that shoulder?”

“No. He’s quartered away now.”

“I’ve got to wait until he’s broadside”

“Is he going to come up?”

“He’s going to come around the other bull.”

“He’s down lower now. Bran, do you see him?”

“He looks like a grizzly bear”

“He’s going right down lower!”

“How far is that?”

“It’s a shot from here, boy! It’s one twenty five”

“Okay, Are you on him? Are you on him, Bran?”


“Okay, get ready!”

“What happened?”

“Dropped him right there!”

“Might be through the herd now.”

“So how far is the shot?”

“It would have been between 125 and 130″


“This part’s easy.”

“Must have gone right down at the bottom.”

“Oh, he is here, right here.”

“So he didn’t go anywhere?”

“No, he just rolled over.”

“Must be stopped on that white spot..”

“Otherwise would have gone below that, aye!”


“Look at that, aye”


“Thanks a lot for this stuff, I might stew.”

“Don’t tell me! That’s the scope, the gun, the powder and the guy for getting me in such a good position.”


“I can’t believe how beautiful they are, I mean I have seen them mounted but I had no idea, you know, in real life just how spectacular they were when.. When they walk, their hair just waves in the wind and it shimmers like a silver tip grizzly bear. It’s a mountain hunt, aye! True, True mountain hunt here on the south island of New Zealand. This Kiwi safari, the car, my guide, it doesn’t get any better than this.”