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Waitangi is the birthplace of our nation, one of New Zealand’s most historic sites. Being the place where both Maori and the European joined in signing the treaty of Waitangi in 1840. The Waitangi treaty grounds overlooks the Bay of Islands and is located amongst the peaceful state which includes the treaty house and a fully carved Maori meeting house, one of the largest Maori war canoes and a visitors center and gallery.

The estate is a must see for any visitor interested in New Zealand’s history and culture. Just a few minutes away from Waitangi you can take a short ferry ride across the water from Paihia to the charming, elegant township of Russell. This tranquil place was once known as the hellhole of Pacific. It was the shore destination for sailors, whalers and …

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The North Shore seems to be a very popular with migrants. They seem to make a beeline for the bays or Norfolk, Takapuna, Davenport is also a really lovely place. And you can take a short ferry ride to Auckland city from there.

It is extremely rare that a person will be a offered a job by a New Zealand organization while they are still located overseas.
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