New Zealand Mountains

Mount Aspiring

Why do we travel? Excitement, adventure; to recapture that sparkled child like wonder perhaps to raise awareness or to put ourselves in unfolding our own unfolding myths. But as conscious travelers, we are increasingly concerned about how our tourism dollars are spent. About our own impact on the environment, then yes about the threat of global climate change.

A tool of the (GOD), that’s how Maori view mount aspiring; the stunning peak in the Southern Alps is where I begin this exploration. With rugged contours reminisce into the Matterhorn. Mount aspiring is an adventure seeker’s dream. Maori call it titi tail its with glittering peak. According to a legend, GOD used this peak as a tool to gouge out the coastal (feuds) of the southern coast.
Here it sits upended and abandoned but pure bliss for mountain walkers and mountaineers. Maori has placed named for everything and behind every name is a story. Before contact with the paler civilizations, Maori had no written language so storytelling was essential to continue the culture. And figuring prominently in many of these stories, were the landscapes as characters. To the Maori, the landscapes are alive and taking care of them is as important as taking care of one’s own family.