New Zealand Snowboarding

Well, I have been in New Zealand quite a few times, probably, maybe close to 10 times, and now it’s probably like within the top three trips I have ever had there, as far as snow, crew and weather. It was amazing. You know we had a variety of things to do. We went to a bunch of different places. We had the heli-day, we had like park days, it was just fun. Good food! Skateboarding. You know road trip, it was like a road trip and like a heli trip. All kinds of different things rolled into one. And the crew definitely made it really really exciting and fun. Super rad!

DC New Zealand Snowboarding Tour

What’s going on?
Todd Richards: Riding the funnest natural feature ever literally took half a second to make it awesome. This is the best!

Devun Walsh: Probably enough fun to stay over.

Top 5 mini trip Devun
Yeah top 5.


I am in snow park New Zealand and my lips are chapped.


Rad backdrop!

So Devun what did Johnny take us to?
Devun Walsh: Sickest jump over some rocks.

Eddie Wall: 5 was perfect. I mean the fact that I did a back flip 720 and landed on my back 30ft past from where I am supposed to land like…it doesn’t even matter.

Eddie fell out of the sky.
As soon as you came of the lift we were like oh my god he is dead. We need a stretcher.
You fell out of the …
Dude its not like I landed completely on my back
Not but you like…

What are we doing?
We are going to go on a Jet boat that apparently goes next to rocks. Last year, this Japanese tourist guy, he uh… stuck his head out of the boat to get a better view or something. They went past the rock and whip! Decapitated his dead. Like everybody on the boat turned around like, and this dudes, there’s nothing there was neck just spraying blood. Hopefully that happens today.

Renee Renee: Bittner and you know the young guys were super cool and just like you know just a really good vibe. The whole team you know… I don’t know…couldn’t ask for a better bunch of guys to hang out with in the winter.