Milford Sound

It’s hard to imagine there’s a better office window than this, anywhere. When he is not piloting the chopper for the blockbuster scenes in Lord of the Rings or King Kong, Alfie Speights’ workday involves flying cashed up passengers from Queenstown around the stunning South Island of New Zealand.

This definitely is a prestige experience and it’s a… person is very lucky to fly around here. And its out of reach for a lot of people to fly around here but those that do and those who can afford it, certainly a good way to look at the countryside and admire the views.

Breathtaking day-trip, Milford Sound

Admiring the views is a common sentiment here amongst the locals. The peaks, fiords, lakes and rivers of Fiordland National Park have been voted New Zealand’s most popular destination. What does Alfie thinks of this place at heart?

One of remoteness and its ruggedness. It’s a bit of both. You have got to admire it for that.
And of course, it’s a view that never stays the same.
Pretty much different everyday – whether, conditions, different work, different people.
And this is what most visitors request for the 2000 dollars an hour charter – a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking and beautiful Milford Sound.

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