NZ Weather – Mic Problem

Cold southerly tomorrow. It will wane in the evening and that will spell a very frosty night. Christchurch whitens up in parts with the frost overnight that’ll linger a bit in the morning. Cold winds will ditch those, lovely mid-week day for you, you’ll enjoy it.

And Dunedin severe frost in there and overnight, and in the morning, some high cloud trotting through in the afternoon, possibly a few spits of rain on your cheek, in the evening. Now let’s get to Thursday, it is looking absolutely great, just a few showers in the west.

Then moving on to Friday and we’ve got some rain through the west of the South Island, showers in the North and Saturday wouldn’t you know it . It is absolutely wet everywhere, gale force north of east and the north islands. Now I’m going to stick in focus for shot, that was fantastic work. Thank you very much on the camera.


Holds the mic for me right throughout over there.
Sound recorder, that’s the best work I’ve done on tele for ages.
Thank you Mr. Campbell
Yes, that’s why you didn’t get to see Toni Marsh, mic problem, and he held it so still all the time and he didn’t giggle like he normally does.

Yeah, sunshine.

Lovely, that is today’s news on TV3 with Hilary Barry.

I am Hamish Clark and now join with Cambpell Live.

Tonight a punishing final……..