Governors Bay Jetty

Governors Bay Jetty – just a short drive from center of Christchurch.
Follow the Dyers Pass road of the scenic Port Hills to be welcomed by the end of Lyttelton Harbour. Once at the bottom of the hill you will reach Governors Bay and have no trouble finding the long jetty as its easily able to be seen from the drive down the hill.
The jetty is one of 22 wharves and jetties down around Lyttelton Harbour. Makes itself distinctive from the rest by its obvious length. Jetty’s length is due to the shallow waters at the end of the harbor and has recently needed to be lengthened to account the silt build up in these waters.
Brilliant views that a harbor to be had and the jetty is the perfect place for a walk with a lover.
The Governors bay offers so much more than just the jetty. There is a small collection of funky cafés and bars perfect for a wind down after a relaxing stroll over the Harbor’s waters.
So on your next free Sunday, make a visit to Governors Bay.