The Surfing Culture

The Surfing Culture of New Zealand
The culture began early in the 20th century, spread quickly throughout the years of 1950s and 1960s, and is constantly growing. Touching fashion, music, literature, films, jargon, and more, its basis is the love of surfing, the hunt for great waves, the desire for the perfect ride, and life in, on and around the ocean. Localism or territorialism is often a large part of surf culture in which individuals or groups of surfers designate certain key surfing spots as their own. Surfers, who come from many walks of life, are generally bound by an intense love of the sport

Hi there, I am Rebecca and I am a second generation New Zealander. I love this country. It’s made up of three main islands and we’ve got more coastline than United States. This pretty much means that every single New Zealander lives only two hours drive away from water and it’s only natural that we spend a lot of our free time here and what do we do? We surf! Hi! I am Shane, I am in my forties now, I have been surfing around here since I was a kid. Hello! I am Mark, I have been surfing here for a long time. I hate to say how many years. My name is Toey, I am forty something and I have been surfing since I was about twelve years old at this coast. Most of us who all come from the seven ocean which is in this direction. That being the north. So on this side of the North arm of New Zealand, we’ve got Wellington here coming right up the Waiarapa coast through the Hawke’s bay, Mahia and Gisborne on this side.

A lot of really good right-handers up this side of the island. Now on this side of the island, the west coast – most of us who all come throgh a window between Australia and us, so generally this is a coast for the left handers. We’ve got some quality left-handers in especially Raglan and right up north here we’ve got the shipwreck bay. Left handers, generally on this side of the arm, good quality left-handers. That is in general, the secret spots I am not going to tell you about but there is plenty of them. Come and have a look. Around here, in our home country water is unpolluted, not too cold, it is a lovely adventure of surfing. The sense of freedom it gives me, the thrill of catching a wave, the speed. I love the camaraderie, kind of place this is it you’ve never aimed before. New Zealand has opened these plenty of good surf shops around, buy things you find you need and you can access just about everything. Yeah, if you arrive in New Zealand, just look up the phonebooks and these surf shops are in most major cities and particularly at the major surf spots. New Zealand has hundreds of beaches with amazing surf. Go to to find out about our surf schools, tours and surf highway 45, which has always got a great break.

The culture of surfing embraces the language, people, fashion, and the life surrounding the sport of modern surfing.