Surfing – Wellington

Cali kiwi – surf in Wellington, New Zealand

This place is a gem in the world, I think. And its funny cause you never hear or at least I haven’t heard kiwis travelling for surf cause you have it all here.
My name is Tom Del Campo. I grew up in California Mimosa beach. I ended up in Wellington, New Zealand. Got a job offer at Weta digital. Basically coming to New Zealand is like combing two of my dreams and passions, which is surfing and animation. I am pretty happy to be here in New Zealand. It’s a beautiful country – very appreciative.


Living in California, it’s a pretty populated state. If you wanna go you know like maybe an hour south or north pretty much have to drive on a you know 4 lane or its 8 lane, 4 lanes coming one way 4 lanes going the other way – freeway, whereas here you get to drive through the most beautiful landscapes just beautiful hills and trees and valleys.

The density of the crowd usually back home will lead to people shouting and yelling – just bad situations. But here it seems like people get along pretty well, which I think reflects the whole New Zealand lifestyle and how people are more laidback here.
I think its funny you know no matter how many kiwis I talk to about how lucky they are to live here they always kind of look at me like I am crazy. I think a lot of kiwis take what they have for granted. If they only knew that New Zealand to me is one of the most amazing places in the world.