Wine – NZ

Hi there. I am Rebecca. I am a second generation New Zealander. I love this country. I love food. But I don’t quite understand the big deal about drinking wine. Today I am at Hawke’s bay, one of the premier wine making districts in New Zealand. I have got my scooter. I am ready to go. My enlightenment begins.
There is so much freedom with just hiring a scooter and seeing these vineyards by yourself. However, if you do want someone in the know, you should go on a guided tour.
Here in Hawke’s Bay, I run a luxury wine and gourmet experience. Tasting all the top wineries restaurants around the region.

Wine Mini Doco

Basically everywhere we go today, we are going to be tasting out of these tulip shaped glasses and they are shaped like this for a couple of reasons. Firstly they allow you to swirl the wine without spilling it, at least at the start of the afternoon. And if you can suck a little bit of air in over the palate it will help soften the wine again. It looks stupid and sounds funny and you don’t want to look anyone in the eye while you do it or it will come out of your nose. We recommend that you guys swallow cause you are not driving.

So like a good vintage?
Bit like a lot of fellows here you know but fruity.
What we doing is plunging the grapes. Now this has to be done maybe 6 times a day and you have to be really careful cause there is a lot of CO2 going around. So, you don’t want to pass out.

The unique thing about Hawke’s Bay is that a lot of its wine is made to go with Gourmet food.
At this end we have got a Pork Turin with chicken and duck liver, cured venison, a Salami. Bit of pepper, bit of spice in there, so the best match for that really is sort of syrah because its got those peppery characters in there.
With wine and food matching there are no rules. If you like the wine, you like the food, have them together.
So I admit it. I didn’t understand before but now I totally get why people appreciate wine. This day has been great! Go to to find out more about the beauty of Hawke’s Bay and its wine tours so that you can come enjoy it too.