Outward Bound

I think the moment you step off the ferry or however you get to Picton its always amazing and challenging.
To go on Outward Bound, get on that ferry, get into Anakiwa and just do three weeks of outdoor education with people that you don’t know was just, I guess was the scary thing. By my third day I had climbed out of my 21 comfort zones. I counted them. Its pushed my comfort zones and I have done some things that I had never thought I’d do. And some of the things that I thought would be very easy, I struggled with and some of things that I thought I was really going to struggle with were surprisingly easy.

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It’s like a little bit of everything and everything you know you are just shoved in the deep end. And everything is challenge and everything is pushing your limits and you just gotta sort of man up and get through it, but it feels awesome when you finish it. Lots of challenges, lots of fun, lots of teamwork. Definitely a good time.

Tramping, kayaking, rowing, rope course, sailing, teamwork, yep, reflection, riding, solo, solo yeah, awesome, rock climbing. I guess the biggest thing I took from the course – doesn’t matter how far you go, how far you push yourself, there’s always more in you and that’s the big philosophy of Outward Bound.
Like the main thing I have probably learnt is how far can I actually push myself and like where my full limits lie, like the ones that I have and that I can push further than that and like discover new limits and stuff like that. The course was magic and would have to be one of the coolest things that I have ever done in my life and… in the most fabulous looking place in New Zealand.

Definitely one of the best decisions I have made to go on Outward Bound and just grab it with both hands and take it all on. Yeah that’s awesome.