Pure New Zealand

Natural Wonders of New Zealand

Milford sound is really hard to describe. It’s just such an incredible place. Just standing at the bottom, you just get the sheer scale of the mountains around you.

Ice climbing at the Franz Joseph was just incredible. You just stop and look up and see just where you are, ya no its just this expanse of ice stretching out in this whole valley that you can see where it’ carved out of thousands of years. There is no mountain road, just ice.


I loved the forests; totally blown me away walking through these hundreds and hundreds of years old trees.

Over in Waitomo, not that long ago I did some black water rafting down in the caves there with all the glow worms and seen them up the cave like stars and it was fantastic.

The west coast past the sea and it was just so wild and we saw these amazing rafts where the waves were crashin’ in and spray everywhere we got soaked. It was really amazing. There is so much to see and do and so many lovely places where we just like to spend more time especially of the beaten track (we’re gonna’ be coming back).