The New Zealand Flag – debate

What flag should be flown on government buildings?

Only, the New Zealand flag, the official New Zealand flag.
And why is that and what does that represent?

Well that’s the international symbol of New Zealand, isn’t it? So, it’s the one that everybody recognises including foreigners so it’s the only one that should be flown.

New Zealand flag represents to me basically just the amalgamation of all the different cultures that have come to and migrated here.

I believe the New Zealand’s flag should be flown on the government buildings as long as New Zealand is and that’s the flag we recognise.


The flag that we have, which is here, the Declaration of Independence, 1835, it was decreed that this is the sovereign flag and it had sovereign assertion; It had 21 gun salutes by the HMS alligator in 1832 at Waitangi, witnessed by America, France, England and China. So this flag has sovereignty. The black and blue fibrillation in the flag itself, is an honour to England.

No, I don’t see the difference, Maori people come from New Zealand as well, so yeah, I just reckon New Zealand flag.
I don’t think it represents the whole of New Zealand, does it? It only represents the Maori people so, therefore it’s the government building that represents all the people and the flag that should be flown should represent that. So…
The Maori people and it represents to me especially they are, they are a voice for us. People can see that flag up there and they are basically gonna say tino rangatiratanga is the Maori people.

King William IV said, “You the Maori people are a sovereign nation and we of the United Kingdom will be the protectors of your sovereign state” That means our hapu area. And the Declaration of Independence is being ignored, is being usurped, is being impinged upon by the system of Statute. The Statute Law of New Zealand is an assumption of Parliamentary sovereignty and that comes through the courts themselves.

Well, If we are all entitled to our own flag which every organisation is, I feel that if I want, the right flag to be flown on the marae’s and things like that it means something to them but to a lot of other people it doesn’t mean a lot as compared to the New Zealand flag.

What does the New Zealand flag represent to you sir?
What people went to war for, what we fought for and our values and a reminder of that.
What does the current New Zealand flag?
I have no hang up for that, that can be a part of coalition or partnership of the flag because a lot of our people in the Maori battalion due the wars died for that flag, so it has a commitment to that flag also. We are not rubbishing but we do need to be recognised, our flag as a sovereign flag. It is not just a flag, it is not a state flag at all.
It is for the government and it should be multi-cultural, so it should be whatever anyone chooses whether it’s the multi-sovereign flag or the Manakau city council flag doesn’t really matter, as long there is a symbol behind it.