Behind the Scenes – NZ

Legend says that this land was hauled from the ocean like a giant fish.

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Legend says that this land was hauled from the ocean like a giant fish.

New Zealand was the last landmass on earth to be discovered. We are not locked in the past.

Behind the Scenes – Making the 100% Pure New Zealand TV Ad


We thought if we could bring last landmass to be discovered to life, it could explain our youthful attitude and openness. Its about people and discovery and experiences, not just landscapes. And most importantly it gave us a unique position, which couldn’t be taken away from us and would always be true. We summed the statement up as “Welcome to the youngest country on earth.” And then we did three things. We first of all set out to prove it. We went back to our oldest stories to explain why we were the youngest country. And then we got the best talent in New Zealand to bring it to life.

Prove It

New Zealand was the last country in the world to be discovered and settled by humankind.
The last habitable landmass of any size to remain unpeopled.

It is the last country on earth to have been inhabited permanently by humans. On present evidence New Zealand had no inhabitance before 1200 AD. So it’s the youngest country on earth.

Explain it

We are a country that sits surrounded by water. And so really its not that hard to imagine that once we were hauled from the ocean. That the North Island was a giant fish. Its really exciting to see our oldest traditional stories, the stories that are sourced in our very land being shared to the rest of the world. And I think for all New Zealander’s this is a great opportunity to say, “Hey Welcome! Welcome to the youngest, most vibrant place in the world.

Bring it to Life

How do you visualize a legend and how do you bring it to life so people won’t be disappointed with what they see. You know they wanna be awestruck by it because it’s an awesome idea. The trickiest thing was to combine the reality of the event we wanted to show with the legend of the event. You know fully formed land coming up out of the ocean. And it’s a fine balance. It was a challenge at the start. We weren’t quite sure how we were going to do it and how it’s going to turn out. But we had a fantastic team of people on the show. Some of the best people we could possibly hope to get on it. And it just worked out so well.

There was a lot of energy in the way its shot. Almost every shot is handheld and it’s got this great spontaneous freeform quality. There is a lot of camera movement, very vigorous camera movement. It’s very exciting and it really feels like you are in amongst it and you are one of them you know. So that was the kind of quality we were trying to get throughout the whole shoot.

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Legend says this land was hauled from the ocean like a giant fish. And then it waited. In fact these islands waited until every other country had been discovered, before any human ever set foot here.

Welcome to the youngest country on Earth.